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Bio-Green Automatic Fertilizing System

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Bio-Green Automatic Fertilizing Systems

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Bio-Green Automatic Fertilizer Systems


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The BIO-GREEN Automatic Fertilizing System efficiently feeds your trees, shrubs, flowers, and lawn every time you water. This automatic fertilizing system feeds your plant life in small doses through your sprinkler system, allowing your landscape to absorb up to 90% of the fertilizer. Dry applications of granular fertilizer typically result in an absorption rate of only 10%-40%, which means 60% of the fertilizer has been watered away.
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We also install Hunter and Rainbird sprinkler systems in the Minneapolis West Suburbs. We install Landscape Lighting in the Entire Metro area!
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Online source for Lawn Sprinklers, Irrigation and Landscape Lighting! Lawn Sprinkler system supplies. Irrigation parts,Outdoor landscape lighting! irrigation system design and lay-outs. hunter controllers valves spray heads. Hunter PGP sprinkler heads are the #1 selling rotors in the world! Hunter I-20 sprinklers have the Flo-Stop feature and are warrantied for 5 years! Rainbird also manufacturers a sprinkler head that is warrantied for 5 years, The 5004 series rotor. Irritrol is discontinuing their rotor and will unveil their new design in the near future.biogreen
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Compare our pricing on the sprinkler head of your choice and you will find we are the least expensive with next day shipping on most items for irrigation. The low-voltage landscape lighting division depends on factory turn-around. A number of items are in stock, but depending on demand, shipping times of 1-2 weeks are the norm. Lawn sprinklers lawn systems irrigation systems psi calculations pipe formulas irrigation install sprinkler system layouts drip irrigation systemparts low voltage lighting architectural area lighting pond lighting irrigation supplies ezgreen
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